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  • Vicmap Position contains satellite correction information through a network of public access, high accuracy, Global Positioning System (GPS) Base Stations. This information is accessible through GPSnet. GPSnet is a satellite positioning service used to continuously record, store, validate and disseminate satellite correction information through a network of public access, high accuracy, Global Positioning System (GPS) Base Stations. These base stations are established in cooperation with industry partners and operate both locally and centrally from an array of sites situated across the State. Sites are established with a range of hosts including agencies and departments of local and state government, utility companies, academic organisations, survey and mapping companies, and also include financial contribution from supporting participants.

  • Captured as part of the 2018-19 CIP, this project covers Gannawarra Shire Council with 20cm relaxed accuracy RGB photography. The photography will primarily be used for environmental planning and asset management, and has potential use in solar farm developments.

  • This dataset displays areas of contact and regional metamorphism, and the style of metamorphism, mapped using using combined interpretations of airborne magnetic, radiometric and gravity survey data at 1:100,000. At scales larger than 1:120,000 the display is a combination of both 1:100,000 and 1:250,000 geophysical mapping. Recent 1:250,000 geophysical mapping has been of such quality and detail it has been used to supersede older coincident 1:100,000 mapping. This occurs in the following areas: St Arnaud 7524, Dunolly 7624, Charlton 7525, Wedderburn 7625 and part of Ararat 7423 are superseded by St Arnaud SJ54-4. Bendigo 7724, Heathcote 7824 and Nagambie 7924 are superseded by Bendigo SJ55-1. Balmoral 7223, Ararat 7423, Horsham SJ54-3 and St Arnaud SJ54-4 supersede Grampians 7323 where there is overlap. This data has been collected by the Geological Survey of Victoria. This dataset is accompanied by other datasets representing geological polygons and boundaries, sub-surface geological polygons, structural lines and miscellaneous lines.

  • Captured as part of the 2017-18 CIP, this 10cm relaxed accuracy photography covers selected Central Highlands Water urban development areas within Pyrenees, Hepburn, Golden Plains, Ballarat, Moorabool and Central Goldfields Shires.

  • Captured as part of the 2017-18 CIP, this 10cm 3 band relaxed accuracy product over South Gippsland Shire has higher accuracy image processing over selected townships, making it useful for a wide range of GIS applications.

  • Captured as part of the 2017-18 CIP, this project is for 15cm relaxed accuracy photography over the townships of Balmoral, Coleraine and Hamilton in the Southern Grampians LGA.

  • This CIP project represents a relaxed accuracy 20cm capture of outer North-Eastern Melbourne which abuts the summer acquisition exent of the Greater Melbourne project.

  • Captured as part of the 2017-18 CIP, this 20cm relaxed accuracy photography covers the Mallee region in North West Victoria and is suitable for a wide range of purposes where broad-scale imagery is required.

  • This layer contains polygons delineating the current legal status of land or Government Act under which land is managed, government land use decisions and the current management of land. This includes LCC land use categories such as National, State and Regional parks, State Forest, Reference Areas, Wilderness Zones and Remote Natural Areas, and where possible, boundaries delineating land owned or vested with other authorities, local government and the Commonwealth. This dataset is now obsolete.