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  • This layer represents the modelled extent of Ecological Vegetation Classes in 1750 (EVC's as described by Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Division) at scales ranging from 1:25,000 to 1:100,000 It is the master EVC dataset from which NV1750_EVCBCS and NV2005_EVCBCS are derived.

  • Contains polygon features delineating boundaries and describing forest management areas. All arc features are identified and coded according to the AS2482 standard.

  • This data set contains polygon boundaries for Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs) that have been recognised under the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 (the Act) "as the primary guardians, keepers and knowledge holders of Aboriginal cultural heritage". These boundaries have been determined by Aboriginal communities and registered by the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council (VAHC). Initial verbal descriptions and/or hand drawn maps were provided by Aboriginal communities of their RAP boundaries and then digitised by OAAV GIS staff using ArcGIS Desktop. The digitised boundaries were approved by the RAP applicant and the VAHC prior to the RAP applicant being appointed. The descriptions and/or maps provided by the Aboriginal communities were also transcribed by OAAV GIS staff and a written boundary description produced.

  • This is a map of all existing EV chargers funded by DEECA.

  • This layer is part of Vicmap Elevation 10-20 Contours & Relief, a subset of Vicmap Elevation. It contains topographical relief features represented by lines. Data has been derived from Land Victoria's State Digital Map Base topographic data and converted from Microstation .DGN format to Arc/Info format.

  • Estimated long-term mean annual rainfall interpolated to a 100m grid cell using data resampled from VICMAP_ELEVATION_DTM_20M and the ANUCLIM software.

  • This layer has been derived from FIRE_HISTORY data and represents the spatial extent of the last fires recorded, primarily on public land. The layer stores details of the last time an area was known to be burnt by wildfire or prescribed burning and represents a consecutive overlay of all FIRE_HISTORY layers, from older fire seasons to the most recent fire seasons. The data will show fire scars but not severity. This data set is current to 2021/22 fire season.

  • Polygon layer contains DELWP Land and Fire District Boundaries used for Forest and Fire Management operations.

  • 1:100,000 Landuse rasterised to 20m based on VICMAP_ELEVATION_DTM_20M. For more details see the Metadata for LANDUSE100.

  • 100m aspect grid derived from a resample of VICMAP_ELEVATION_DTM_20M. ArcInfo Workstation used to resample from 20m to 100m, then generate aspect from resultant DEM via GRID ASPECT(grid) command.